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Canaves Oia Suites & Spa – The Dreamiest Hotel In Oia, Santorini

Trying to find the perfect place to stay in Oia, Santorini can be overwhelming. There are endless choices of truly out of this world accommodation. If you’ve ever seen any dreamy pictures of Santorini, they will most likely have been taken in the village of Oia. Oia is home to some of the world’s fanciest hotels, in one of the world’s most insanely incredible backdrops. At the beginning of June 2021 just as Greece opened up to tourism again, I was lucky enough to visit the island of Santorini. And we stayed in the dreamiest place in Santorini – Canaves Oia Suites.

Infinity Pool with beds in the water

Staying in Canaves Oia Suites is unlike anything I had ever experienced. Our usual style of travelling is very modest and low-key. We love to stay in nice AirBnBs and modern hotels that don’t break the bank. In preparation for staying in Oia, I had scoured the internet high and low for the best deals around and there were so many bargains to be had. But time and time again, we would find a hotel and book it, only to have it cancelled a few days later. And so often we received in response that tourist numbers were low, as were bookings, therefore they wouldn’t be able to open up in time.

So I booked another hotel in Oia that was lovely and sweet. We checked in and then we walked out onto Oia main street and realized that if you’re coming to Oia, you want to be staying on the edge of Caldera. It’s absolute goals. After eating a very overpriced and bland meal, we went onto and found the hotel of our opulent dreams. Canaves.

Infinity Pool

Welcome to 5-star luxury – Canaves Oia Suites & Spa

Canaves Oia Suites is a 5-star hotel perched on the edge of Santorini’s caldera. It offers some of the most incredible hospitability and service, that I didn’t even realise was possible. We wanted for nothing. We waited for our room to be cleaned and dressed and decided to have lunch poolside. As to be expected in a 5-star hotel, lunch did not come cheap. B had a Club Sandwich with fries {€27} and I had a burger with fries {€33}. I sipped over my welcome cocktail for as long as I could make it last. Thankfully the water was free.

The hospitality in Canaves has to be one of the most incredible parts of its service. The wait staff were incredibly attentive and caring. If you dropped a napkin, they had a fresh one waiting for you, before the other one had even hit the ground. They remembered drink orders and food preferences. And thankfully turned a blind eye to when I slipped headfirst into the jacuzzi. I’ve never been so mortified in my entire life.

The Junior Suite with Plunge Pool

Holy moly. The Junior Suite with Plunge Pool was on a level of dreaminess that I didn’t know was possible. We had a ROOM for our luggage in our suite, which also housed the coffee machine and mini-bar. We had an enormous living area, that came with a complimentary bottle of wine. Perfect for sipping in the plunge pool. There were TWO bathrooms, his & hers, with Hermes products. The shower room had a DOUBLE shower and more Hermes products. And at the back of the cave suite, we had a bed that came straight down from heaven. It was like sleeping in a cloud. I’m 100% sure our suite was much larger than our apartment in Antwerp.

Outside our plunge pool was set to the most perfect temperature and was very private. Our plunge pool was set back from the edge of the walkway and offered a lot of privacy and we never felt overlooked. Some of the suites were quite exposed, but that also adds to the glamour and desire of staying in a place like Canaves Oia Suites Santorini. You want to be seen in your plunge pool sipping on your wine.

Double bed in a cave

The Pools

I’m a complete water baby. I absolutely love nothing more than swimming in a pool, and frankly, there’s nothing better than swimming in a really quiet and empty pool. There is nothing worse than trying to dodge people as you doggy paddle around the pool. Canaves solves this problem by offering TWO pools. An enormous pool with double sunbeds around the perimeter. And then there’s the infinity pool. And frankly, no words will ever describe quite how lush this infinity pool is. With six beds set into the water, this is the ultimate Instagram worthy spot.

I may or may not have Facetimed friends and family from that pool.

All Good Things Must Come To An End

And just like that, the fastest 24 hours of my life completely vanished. Our luxury stay in Canaves completely spoilt us rotten. So much so that our next hotel was an absolute disaster and a massive letdown. This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in such a luxurious place and most likely not to be repeated anytime soon. I would definitely recommend staying at the end of May, as it’s just before the High Season and you can find some really good deals.

When you stay in Canaves Oia Suites you are mingling with a different level of wealthiness. It can feel a little bit overwhelming being surrounded by women decked out in head to toe Gucci for the average citizen like myself. Whereas I swanned around in my €12 Shein swimmers. We did have to look closely at the menu before we ordered anything, as it’s easy to get carried away with all the glamour.

If you are planning on going to Oia, do you have a dream stay in mind? Have you stayed in Canaves Oia Suites in Santorini? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Jo Percy

    Hi Missy,
    I’m dropping into Santorini on a cruise, is it possible to book this place for lunch and spend the day there? Or can we go for evening drinks?

    1. Missy Cahill

      Hi Jo,

      You can definitely pop in for a drink at Canaves. Or lunch! I would definitely try and book it in advance just in order to avoid disappointment. It’s absolutely incredible and I’m very jealous you are thinking of visiting it. It’s an absolute highlight of mine. Contact the hotel restaurant via this email and hopefully, you’ll get the opportunity to experience it. [email protected]

      All the best,

  2. Jo Percy

    Thanks so much for your quick reply and for the contact info! Much appreciated! I will do my best to get there, you’ve made it sound amazing!

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