Plan Your Amalfi Coast Outfits For Euro Summer 2024

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One of the chicest destinations in Italy is found along the Amalfi Coast. Towns like Positano, Sorrento & Amalfi beckon the well-dressed, and it’s a place where you’ll want to look your cutest. Pack your Amalfi Coast outfits with suggestions for day to evening wear, casual outfits and everything you need for a day at the gorgeous Amalfi Coast Beach Clubs.


A staple that every girlie needs to have in her Amalfi Coast wardrobe are a handful of dresses that can be pulled out for a day at the beach, pounding the streets of Positano, or sipping cocktails on a summer terrace in Ravello.

This cute classic white dress from H&M offers a range of sizes and is easily dressed up and down. Another affordable dress option for wearing during the daytime that comes in a couple of different colors with drawstring straps. Old Navy has a good collection of dresses in a variety of sizes, but this white midi shirt dress is effortless and such a good staple to have in your Amalfi Coast wardrobe.

For those looking for better quality and long-lasting dresses, I’m a huge fan of Anthropologie’s collection. The Tommie-Cap Sleeve Smocked Dress is effortlessly Amalfi Coast chic, as is the Katarina Button-Front Dress in shocking pink (or 3 other colors if not your cup of tea).

Heading for a gorgeous fancy dinner on the Amalfi Coast – this purple-shirred sleeveless dress is divine from & Other Stories. The Sebastian Linen Dress from Reformation has my heart (alas not my wallet). Picture the Rossi Dress from Reformation as you imagine yourself gliding down the staircases of Positano, the scarf sailing behind you. Stunning. The Balia Dress from Reformation is my dream Amalfi Coast outfit for swanning around the towns (I just need my boobs to shrink first).

Amalfi Coast Shoes

You’re a brave woman if you’re planning on bringing heels to the Amalfi Coast. The streets of Positano, Amalfi etc are small, narrow and full of cobblestones. You’ll spend most of your time huffing and puffing up hills, or trotting down stone staircases. Heels are a death wish. But you do you.

Instead pack your suitcase with cute sandals like the Cecelia New York Kara Sandals that can be dressed up or down depending on the time of day. I’m obsessed with the Ivory & Blue colors. The cross-buckle sandals from H&M are available in 3 different colors and are a lot more affordable. The chunky cris-cross strapped sandals from & Other Stories come in brown & black. The Maeve Wide Banded Fisherman Sandals are divine.

You’ll find me in my trusty Birkenstocks that I spend most of the summer months wandering around Europe in. The Birkenstock Arizona’s have been a staple in many people’s wardrobes since the 1970s, however, it’s in the last half of the decade that they’ve become such a fashion statement. I’ve just purchased the yellow Birkenstock EVA’s which are much more affordable. Do break them in before any vacation though, as they are moulded specifically to your footbed.


Gosh there are so many cute tops out there! Between the cute blouses from Abercrombie & Fitch, like the scalloped top, or the linen high-necked top,

If you want to splash out on some truly beautifully created tops, Doên have some stunning numbers that come with a hefty price tag. The Greta Top is one such number, a little lace top that is just adorable. Or the Alona Top.

Personally the linen squareneck from Abercrombie is just as cute (and a quarter of the price). The Bishop & Young Striped Tank is divine, paired with a cute pair of linen shorts, or with a midi-skirt.

For tee’s you cannot beat the quality of Colorful Standard‘s high-quality collection available in every single color under the sun.


The printed bandeau swimsuit from & Other Stories lemons on it (& a blue dome from Santorini) but my gosh its stunning. The blue and white striped swimsuit, also available in a bikini, is perfect for lounging on the beach in Positano. The SeaFolly swimwear is gorgeous, however is not friendliest when it comes to sizes over a US 12. Which in this day and age is stupid.


The mini crochet Uniqlo bag surely has to be one of the biggest hits of the summer? At this stage we may as well add it to our wardrobe, seeing as we have every other color under the sun. These cute shell hairclips from Anthropologie are adorable for your Amalfi Coast outfit.

The San Diego Hat is a huge floppy hat that is an essential part of any Amalfi Coast outfit.

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