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Valladolid knows good food. You’ll find this Pueblo Magico brimming with fantastic restaurants and street food that will make you eager for your next couple of meals. Throughout this post, I’ve mentioned the best restaurants in Valladolid that I enjoyed and were recommended to me either by locals or by coming across them.

Like pretty much every state in Mexico, there are a couple of star dishes in the Yucatan state that you shouldn’t miss such as Cochinita Pibil.

Cochinita Pibil is a suckling pig that has been slow roasted in an underground pit marinating in the juices of sour oranges, garlic, and achiote paste. Achiote pasta is a blend of spices such as cumin, oregano, salt, pepper and cloves amongst other things. The result is one of the best dishes to try in this part of Mexico and unforgettable. Continue reading below to discover the tastiest Cochinita Pibil and the best street food in Valladolid.

Lima Soup (lime soup) is another specialty to try in Valladolid. A chicken broth with crunchy tortillas, lime & either chicken or beef. One of those perfect comfort foods that is elevated to another level thanks to the crunchy tortillas.

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Best Street Food Valladolid

During my 5 days in Valladolid, I did my best to eat my way around the city. And it was no easy feat as there were many excellent places to eat. We tried several street food vendors and my favorites were;

Taqueria Rosaria

Ok Taqueria Rosaria is street food, but also not street food. So I’m adding it to my list because there are 3 stools to sit down on and everyone grabs the food from Taqueria Rosaria to go. I think that qualifies as street food.

As I walked around Valladolid I stumbled upon a line of people either buying freshly made tortillas or the absolutely incredible-smelling Cochinita Pibil.

I’m not sure if it was because I was hungry for my breakfast but I’m confident to say that the Cochinita Pibil torta I had in Taqueria Rosaria was the best on my travels throughout Mexico. This is seriously high praise considering at one point I was 98% Cochinita Pibil.

Taqueria Rosaria opens early in the morning and closes when they run out of Cochinita Pibil. Which I sadly learned the hard way when I tried to go the next day late in the afternoon. Check it out before midday and you should be able to get your hands on a mouthwateringly delicious torta or taco.

El Tigrillo

A lot of love has been given to El Tigrillo, and you’ll find it’s one of the most popular street food stalls in Valladolid.

Is it good? Absolutely. Is it the best?

I think it’s really good street food, and I loved the fluffy bread they used for their torta. However, I thought El Tigrillo was just – good. I do know that I’m definitely in the minority when it comes to El Tigrillo though, so definitely check it out and make up your own mind.

Like most street food in Valladolid when they run out of Cochinita Pibil they close up and head home for the day. I walked past El Tigrillo in the early afternoons and by 4 pm it was usually finished. So head here early if you’re eager to try the best street food in Valladolid.

Unnamed Street Food

When El Tigrillo runs out of their signature Cochinita Pibil, you’ll find a few other street food stalls set up shop in their place. Late one afternoon after a day exploring all the wonderful things to do in Valladolid I needed a little pick-me up before dinner.

Instead of El Tigrillo, I found a wonderful woman serving absolutely fantastic tortas, tacos and Pibihuajes, a small oval-shaped piece of bread is stuffed with Cochinita Pibil and topped with pickled onions. Complete your order with an ice-cold Coca-Cola and you’re having the ultimate Mexican experience.

I opt out of onions for my Cochinta Pibil.

Best Restaurants in Valladolid

Conato Valladolid

There’s one thing that I love about Mexico and it’s a combination of restaurant/boutique that is ingenious. Conato Valladolid combines truly excellent dishes with stunning decor, and on your way out of the restaurant, you can browse the fabulous boutique that has a range of jewelry, clothing and other little gorgeous bits.

The decor of Conato though is something straight out of an interior decorating magazine, and you can tell that every little touch has been carefully thought out. The food matches the exquisite decor (which is rarely the case), and you’ll find high-quality Mexican dishes which will make you want to order everything off the menu in one sitting.

El Meson del Marques

The setting of El Meson del Marques is what initially drew me in. A large former colonial home that has been transformed into a gorgeous open restaurant and hotel.

Centered around the courtyard, servers dressed in traditional Mayan outfits rush around serving and even cooking at tables. The food was great in El Meson del Marques, but the setting was probably more impressive than the food.

The rooftop bar of Don Diablo is not to be missed when visiting El Meson del Marques, with stunning views across the Parque Principal Francisco Canton Rosado and the Iglesia San Servacio which in the evening as Valladolid is illuminated is not to be missed.

Casa Oaxaca Antojitos

If you’ve been craving some dishes from Oaxaca, or have yet to try Oaxacan cuisine then you’ll simply have to visit the tiny family run restaurant of Casa Oaxaca Antojitos.

Antojitos are typically Mexican street food that we’ve all come to know and love, and come in various forms from region to region. You’ll probably be familiar with tacos, quesadillas, and other dishes that have been transported into culinary institutions around the world.

Tlayuda is more commonly known in Oaxaca as a Mexican Pizza, with ingredients spread out on a large crunchy or fried taco that include Oaxcan cheese, lettuce, meat, and avocado – but this varies from place to place.

Casa Oaxaca Antojitos was busy each night I walked past and it’s a testament to how excellent the food is here. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to sample their Enchilada Moles which is phenomenal. I didn’t get to try their flan, but I heard it’s outrageous.

Restaurante De Los Santos

A staple with budget travellers, solo travellers and those looking for great tacos in a small setting will love Restaurante De Los Santos. I loved it so much I went 2 nights in a row.

The food in Restaurante De Los Santos is excellent value, with tacos starting from $45 MXN and main dishes like a chicken mole dish for $200 MXN.

It’s a hugely popular small restaurant, so you may have to wait or share a table which makes it great for meeting new potential friends.

Loncheria Olich

I didn’t manage to make it to Loncheria Olich but it came highly recommended to me by local Jonathan who is the owner of Hostal Casa Xtakay. Known for their Sopa de Lima, you’ll find locals here who repeatedly come to this restaurant for affordable and freshly made dishes. Cash only.

If you’re looking for a restaurant in Valladolid that is local-focused with excellent cooking and great prices then check out Loncheria Olich.

Nena Nena

Next door to Hostal Casa Xtakay, another great local restaurant with great prices, cute vibes and excellent dishes.

Le Kaat

Le Kaat is a vegetarian & vegan restaurant that is not only incredibly romantic but also serves fantastic food. As someone who was mostly comprised of Cochinta Pibil, eating some much-needed vegetables was a welcome relief.

I’m not sure why Le Kaat is so romantic, or why every time I walked past a man was strumming a guitar and serenading gorgeous couples but it felt like a a scene out of a movie. It’s probably not the intention of Le Kaat (or maybe it is?) for this to be one of the most romantic restaurants in Valladolid.

Best Breakfast Valladolid

My two favorite places for the best breakfast in Valladolid were;

Rua Cafe

The courtyard of Rua Cafe is gorgeous and after leaving a cold and wet Belgium in January, it was so nice to sit outside and enjoy breakfast in the early morning sunshine.

The breakfast selection in Rua Cafe is a mix of Mexican dishes combined with favorites like Avocado Toast and pancakes. If you’re a juice fan, you’re in luck because Rua Cafe has a superb selection of freshly made juices.

And if you’re too hot, there is a small seating area with cold AC to cool you off.

Burrito Amor Valladolid

Ok, so I’m a big fan of Burrito Amor having first discovered it in Tulum. I loved the wide selection on the menu, and as someone who doesn’t eat eggs, I found a couple of items that I could eat for breakfast (which is really hard in Mexico & the US).

Burrito Amor Valladolid is absolutely beautiful. Starting with the gorgeous seating area at the front of the restaurant before you walk through a boutique store in which you will want to purchase every single item.

The juice selection in Burrito Amor Valladolid is extensive, with lots of elixirs and ‘anti-ageing’ ingredients to keep you spry forever! I loved the Chia Pudding and the Coconut Yogurt & Berries and was my favorite breakfast in Valladolid.

The courtyard at the back of Burrito Amor Valladolid has a large tree for shade and is the perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon relaxing or planning your next adventure.

Casa Ancestra

Casa Ancestra was located a couple of meters away from our hotel and it was only as we were running for the ADO Bus to Akumal that we popped in for a quick bus snack.

And I really regret not spending more time working my way through the Casa Ancestra bakery because it was seriously excellent. Buttery croissants, delicious freshly baked breads and a decent cup of coffee, Casa Ancestra is such a fantastic find in Valladolid.

If you’re heading out for an excursion to Chichen Itza, or Cenote hopping, then make sure to pick up some delicious baked goods from Casa Ancestra to start your day right.

Best Food in Valladolid

The food in Valladolid will completely spoil you, and I think for such a small place it offers up a tonne of different varieties for all budgets and dietary requirements. I cannot wait to come back here one day and experience more of its amazing culinary scene and fall even more in love with this incredible city.

Did I miss anywhere? Where else should I add on my best restaurants in Valladolid that I missed out on. Leave a comment below!

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