Sundays Beach Club Review: What to Expect in 2024

If you’re anything like me, then a day at the beach being served food and drink is your idea of heaven. And Sundays Beach Club is the creme de la creme. The icing on the proverbial cake. I could go on and on.

I recently spent a day at Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu and can easily say it was bliss from start to finish. I had had a busy couple of days exploring the sights of Bali and nearby Nusa Lembongan and needed a break. You know, a break from the break. Tough life.

Sundays Beach Club had long been on my radar and having based my stay in Uluwatu I decided to check it out and see if it was worth the hype. And, spoiler alert, Sundays Beach Club completely lives up to it. 

So for a more in-depth look at the offerings, facilities, and overall impression – read on for my Sundays Beach Club review. 

Sundays Beach Club Review

I will admit when I drove my scooter into the Ungasan Clifftop Resort I felt a teeny tiny bit underdressed. Sundays Beach Club is located at the base of the 5-star hotel, Ungasan Clifftop Resort and as you enter you’ll first need to through the hotel’s security. 

After you’ve been dropped off by your driver, or parked your scooter you’ll need to pass by the hotel’s lobby and follow the signs for Sundays Beach Club.

The grounds of the Ungasan Clifftop Resort are otherworldly. It’s hard to tell where the infinity pools begin and the sky ends. It’s my goal to stay in places like this when I return to Bali next!

After you’ve taken your fill of photographing the ground of the Ungasan, head down some steps and you’ll encounter the entry booth for Sundays Beach Club.

One of the many wonderful things about Sundays is that it’s a first-come-first-served beach club. I would highly advise you visit as they open up for the day at 10 am

One thing I noticed was that most people didn’t seem to stay for the entire day. Myself and a few other people seemed to be the exception to the rule. 

Both couples on either side of me stayed for around 2 hours before moving on to their next destination. 

The Sundays Beach Club Inclinator (a cable car to you & me) provides guests with access down to the beach. The entire journey takes a minute and you’ll need to walk down a further 50-70 steps. Which can be a bit brutal on the way home after a day of drinking and eating yourself silly. 


Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu is an unmissable experience when in Bali. Spend the day relaxing, eating, drinking or swimming. #sundaysbeachclubbali #balibeachclub #uluwatubeach

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Sundays Beach Club Price

I think a lot of people will be impressed with Sundays Beach Club price which starts with a 250K IDR entry fee and a 400K IDR consumption fee. This price is per adult and includes a towel and bean bag. 

Children aged 5-11 are charged a 100K IDR entry fee and a 200K IDR consumption fee. Children under 5 enter for free. 

The Sundays Beach Club price includes water sports such as StandUp Paddle Boards, Kayaks, and Snorkeling equipment. Live music starts in the late afternoon at around 4 pm, and as the sun starts to set a bonfire is set up with marshmallows. 

Service at Sundays Beach Club

One of the reasons I really enjoyed my time at Sundays Beach Club was the fantastic service that was provided throughout the entire day.

Each umbrella comes with a really adorable blue flag that you can hold up to grab the attention of the servers. There’s no more need to crane your neck to get the attention of someone, and when you do order, it’s lightning fast.

The server will ask for your name, and whether you wish to start a tab (after your consumption fee has been used). You can pay in cash or place a card behind the bar. 

Throughout the day servers came around and provided some of the most unique services that I had never encountered before. Such as offering to clean your sunglasses! Or offering spritzes of sun creams. 

Food & Drink at Sundays Beach Club

Upon entry, you will have a minimum of 400K IDR to spend on food and drinks. And believe me, it is used really quickly. After ordering 2 mocktails and a bottle of water I had surpassed the minimum consumption charge.

I found the value of drinking and eating in Sundays Beach Club to be fairly reasonable and at the end of my day, I had spent a total of 980K IDR (including the initial 650K IDR entry fee). 

The offerings of the Sundays Beach Club menu extend from burgers, freshly caught fish, or small little nibbles that can be consumed from your bean bag. I had some delicious calamari and later on some shoe-string french fries. 

There is a restaurant that is equally popular with families and those looking for a sit-down lunch or dinner. 

Things to do at Sundays Beach Club

Whether you spend the entry day at the beach club lounging on a bean bag and reading like I did, there are a number of things to do.

Once the waves have calmed down as the tide wanes, a number of activities are introduced by the lifeguards. Standup Paddle Boards, kayaks and snorkeling are some of the popular activities you can do at Sundays Beach Club that are included in the price. It’s just subject to popularity. 

It’s worth checking out the Sundays Beach Club’s website to check what time high and low tide are at on that particular day. 

Movies at the Beach

Twice a month on a Saturday you can spend an evening under the stars at Sundays Beach Club watching classic movies. It’s my one regret that I didn’t time my visit to Bali better because I would have LOVED to have spent an evening on a beach watching ET or Back to the Future. 

VIP Seating

If you fancy having a special day at the beach with friends or family, then perhaps look into the VIP Sundeck and VIP Bungalows that come with their own private butler, bathrooms, and section of the beach. 

These sunloungers in Sundays Beach Club are reserved for hotel guests.

Wrap Up

Whether you spend an entire day laying on the Sundays Beach Club bean bags as I did stuck into a really good book or visit it for an afternoon – it is totally worth visiting when you’re in Uluwatu or in Bali. 

So there you have it, my Sundays Beach Club review. The staff are incredibly friendly and kind, the food and drink great and you’re on one of Bali’s best beaches! Winner!

When you’re planning your Bali dream vacation, make sure you add a day at Sundays Beach Club – it’s easily one of the best beach clubs in Uluwatu and a magical day out. 

Looking for more beach clubs to visit in Bali? Check out my guide to the best beach clubs around the island.

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