The Ultimate List of Cute Cafes in Paris (+ Map!) in 2024

Apart from the never-ending list of famous tourist attractions, Paris is known for its cute cafes. Parisian cafes are identifiable by the outward-facing rows of small round tables under drooping shading awnings, often located on the corner of busy Parisian streets.  These timeless and totally classy Parisian cafes are absolutely perfect for people watching and observing the world go by.

After a long day of sightseeing, spending a few hours in some of the cute cafes in Paris and soak up this unmissable experience. Whether you’re reading a book, doting over the Parisian fashion, or munching on a pain au chocolat, there’s an abundance of cafes you must tour on your next trip to the City of Lights.

The 10 Most Adorable Cute Cafés in Paris

1. The Used Book Café (3rd Arrondissement)

The Used Book Cafe is a cute café in Paris located on the first floor of a French lifestyle store called Merci. The café’s walls are lined with shelves of second-hand books which you are welcome to read while sitting in the café. There are tables and chairs dotted around within the nooks and crannies of this cute café leaving you surrounded by piles of books.

The Used Book Cafe is a cozy and cute café that not only provides a comfortable setting to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also provides a lunch, brunch, and drinks menu. This is the perfect café to spend a quiet afternoon reading in the city. This cute café in Paris is unique and not to be missed.

2. Au Vieux Paris D’arcole (4th Arrondissement)

Located just two minutes from the famous Notre Dame, Au Vieux Paris D’arcole is another cute café in Paris to add to your list. It’s easy to spot with its mint green exterior and contrasting bright purple chairs out front. Decorated with beautiful wisteria throughout the Spring and Summer this café will stop you in your tracks when walking around the city.

Founded in the 18th century, this cute café is one of Paris’ oldest cafes. Offering traditional French pastries and wonderful coffee this is the perfect place to hit up when you’re in need of rest after a day of walking. Looking like it’s straight out of a fairy-tale, this is another cute café in Paris to try.

3. Noir (4th Arrondissement)

This modern coffee shop is perfect for coffee enthusiasts. Noir is a cute cafe in Paris that also embodies the chicness of the city and strives for simplicity in its coffee. They are known for their in-house roasting of coffee beans and their carefully curated list of specialty coffees. This cute café is perfect for those early morning starts and for those who enjoy a more modern aesthetic.

Noir has a few locations around Paris and sells its signature coffee beans both online and in-store. Perfect for doing some laptop work in the afternoon, or stopping by for a quick caffeine kick, Noir is a cute café you must keep an eye out for.

4. Les Deux Magots (6th Arrondissement)

Les Deux Magots is one of Paris’ oldest cafes. With its traditional Parisian décor and sophisticated style, this café is not to be missed. Les Deux Magots café played an important role in Parisian culture life as many famous literary geniuses such as Hemmingway often frequented this spot.

It may look familiar to you, as Les Deux Magots has featured in many movie scenes. Offering a live jazz night on Thursdays, sitting among the rows of Parisian chairs can make you feel like an actual movie star. Les Deux Magots is a cute café in Paris that offers all the glamour and sparkle needed to feel like a true Parisian.

5. Maison Sauvage (6th Arrondissement)

Maison Sauvage is yet another cute café in Paris to add to your list. The façade on this café is hard to miss as it’s decorated with beautiful pink and purple plants. It has two floors and a terrace with rows and rows of green painted furniture. This café offers seven different menus from brunch, lunch, and evening menus.

The food in Maison Sauvage is incredible, especially their fluffy stacks of pancakes and their incredible French toast. Maison Sauvage cares for the environment and curates its menus according to the seasons. This cute café in Paris ticks all the boxes and is one not to miss.

6. Le Pont Traversé (6th Arrondissement)

Le Pont Traversé is yet another cute café in Paris. It used to be a corner bookshop which has since been transformed into a cute Parisian café. The navy-blue exterior gives the café a chic, traditional, Parisian look. This café offers a long list of artisanal coffee options to go with a longer list of beautiful homemade pastries and cakes. Le Pont Traversé also has an incredible menu that is both perfect for brunch or a quick snack between sightseeing. This cosy corner café is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

7. L’Atelier Saisonnier (11th Arrondissement)

L’Atelier Saisonnier is a cute café that is super conscious about the environment. Offering stunning seasonal menus, the food here is incredibly fresh and absolutely delicious. Their menus are simple offering either a choice of salad or hot dishes. Their salads are big and hearty, and their hot dishes are tasty and filling.

Lunch at L’Atelier Saisonnier
L’Atelier Saisonnier

This café has an authentic Parisian feel as you sit outside facing the bustling street. On the weekends this café offers an all-you-can-eat brunch including both savory and sweet options. This cute café in Paris is one not to be missed.

8. Le Pure Café (11th Arrondissement)

Le Pure Café is a cute café that has an authentic Parisian feel to it. Out front you are greeted by the typical Parisian terrace with small tables and chairs. On entrance to the café if feels like you’re entering a 20th century bar. Located in the middle of the room, a beautiful traditional round bar decorated with golden elements, lined with perfectly placed glasses, welcomes you inside.

The walls are lined with red velvet bistro chairs giving the authentic Parisian feel. Whether you’re working away on your laptop, or reading the morning newspaper, this café makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time. This cute café in Paris is a unique hidden gem.

9. Land and Monkeys (11th Arrondissement)

Land and Monkeys is yet another cute café in Paris not to be missed. This café is more of a boulangerie but also offers seating outside. Its speciality is offering 100% vegan products. This café not only wants to deliver delicious pastries, but it also wants to be better for the planet.

Their signature cookie, known as The Monkey cookie, is a soft cookie covered in salted caramel, hazelnuts, and almonds. So, while you’re relishing in its deliciousness you feel good knowing it’s good for the planet! This cute café is perfect for those who eat a vegan diet or who are conscious about the environment.  

10. La Maison Rose (18th Arrondissement)

La Maison Rose is a cute café located in the wonderful Montmartre, the home of French painters and artists. With its distinct pink exterior and wonderful contrasting green shutters, it really is one of the cutest cafes in Paris. Not only is the décor beautiful the food is equally as delicious.

Curating stunning seasonal menus, La Maison Rose works with local artisans to provide fresh, seasonal, local dishes. They offer many small dishes as an invitation to share with others, and an opportunity to try everything La Maison Rose has to offer. It’s the perfect spot for a Valentine’s Day in Paris lunch with the special person in your life.

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