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11 Unmissable Instagrammable Cafes in London 2024 (+ Map)

Instagrammable Cafes in Central London

Popular among Instagram bloggers and users is the hunt for the best instagrammable cafés in London in the hope that it will make your Instagram page pop and stand out.

Instagrammable cafes are aesthetically pleasing, (usually) offer excellent coffee and food and make it impossible not to snap pictures of every nook and cranny of their insta-worthy interiors.

Photo by Alex Ovs on Unsplash

London in the Autumn is the perfect place to hunt for your favourite Instagrammable café, not only for its sheer quantity of them but because of the diverse range of cafes it has to offer.

From pink heaven to delectable afternoon tea, or more chilled-out rustic vibes, the Instagrammable cafes in London have so much to offer Instagram enthusiasts. Located all across central London, here are 11 of the best Instagrammable cafes in London to brighten up your Instagram feed.

11 Instagrammable Cafes in London You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Daisy Green Collection

The Daisy Green Collection is a collection of very stylish and beautifully designed cafes and restaurants located across Central London. These Australian cafes are vibrantly decorated with colourful flowers and patterns.

The locations vary from being cosy cafes, al-fresco dining experiences and even water-top barges. Our favourite of their locations is their quaint café in Marylebone on Seymour St.

This café is insta-worthy with its ceiling of hanging flowers and graffiti wall decorated with colourful sketches. Alongside its vibrant décor, Daisy Green offers both a sweet and savoury menu catering for all your brunch cravings.

Their banana bread sandwich and classic smashed avocado are just begging to be posted on your Instagram story, almost looking too good to eat. With beautiful instagrammable interiors and irresistible insta-worthy food, this is one of the best instagrammable cafés in London not to be missed.

2. Farm Girl Cafe

Founded in beautiful Notting Hill, Farm Girl Cafe is one of many unmissable instagrammable cafes in London. With five locations across central London, each of these cafes is known for its beautifully decorated interiors and vibrant pastel colours.

Australian-owned, the aim of these cafes is to provide Londoners with healthy brunch options that are not only good for you but are absolutely delicious (and insta-worthy!).

Farm Girl Cafe is famous for its rose latte, a healthier alternative to the trending bullet coffee. Alongside its many benefits such as mood enhancing, anti-bloating and skin rejuvenating, the rose latte is totally Instagrammable as it’s decorated using actual rose petals.

Serving beautifully decorated cakes and bright green matcha lattes the Farm Girl Cafe is an Instagrammer’s dream.

3. Biscuiteers Baking Company

With two locations across London, in Notting Hill and Belgravia, the Biscuiteers Baking Company offers amazing experiences as well as outstanding Instagram content.

Alongside many of the services Biscuiteers’ provide, they are best known for their Icing classes and Afternoon tea, both taking place inside their stunning cafes.

The biscuits made in this cafe are out of the world and totally instagrammable with their intricate designs. The Biscuiteers Baking Company offer icing classes where you learn to ice biscuits just like the experts.

Their afternoon tea is comprised of finger sandwiches, intricate pastries, fresh scones, their signature hand-iced biscuits and of course a range of delicious teas. The Biscuiteers Baking Company is fun, colourful, quaint and a totally perfect instagrammable cafe in London.

4. Saint Aymes

Saint Aymes is a family-run café located just beside Hyde Park. Saint Aymes is the Instagram café of your dreams with its lavishly decorated interiors. From flower arches to candyfloss prosecco, pink pastels to rose-covered walls, it is impossible not to snap pictures at every corner.

Saint Aymes is known for its afternoon tea where you can sit down on their pink velvet chairs and enjoy an afternoon of tea, finger sandwiches, and baked scones finishing with delicious affogato.

Displayed on pink cake stands, Saint Aymes’ afternoon tea looks absolutely divine and destined for your Instagram feed.

5. The Attendant

Offering up a more low-key trendy aesthetic is The Attendant located in Fitzrovia just five minutes from Oxford Street. This former underground Victorian toilet has been transformed into one of the most imstagrammable brunch spots in London.

The original porcelain urinals remain intact and are matched with classy, Victorian-style dark green furniture and interiors. The Attendant is known for its signature coffee blend and seasonal breakfast, brunch and lunches. This cosy café offers Instagram lovers some original content that is sure to diversify the ‘feed’.

6. Never for Ever

Never for Ever is for the hipsters and those who appreciate a more rustic vibe. The interiors are to die for with their large open space, big beautiful windows and a stunning rustic wooden floor. The café offers large tables which are perfect spaces for café working but are also used for dinners later on into the evening.

With an exposed ceiling of overflowing hanging plants and cool funky wall art, Never for Ever is just waiting to be posted on the grid. It makes a perfect alternative to several of the other instagrammable cafes in London.

Not only are the interiors to die for, but their food also tastes incredible. From baked eggs, grilled sourdough and wood-fired pizzas, the food in Never for Ever is Instagram-worthy and totally irresistible.

7. EL & N

El & N is an Instagrammer’s heaven. This totally instagrammable cafe in London is decorated with bright pink colours, rose walls, neon lights, and pink velvet couches. It is the perfect Instagram backdrop for influencers and Instagrammers alike.

Located internationally, El & N has a mouth-watering 10 locations across Central London.

The possibility for amazing Instagram content does not stop there as EL & N has a selection of Instagrammable lattes on offer that are especially curated to brighten up your feed.

Their three-page drinks menu includes drinks such as blue sapphire lattes, pistachio frappes and rose lemonade. Also offering delicious brunch, cakes, wraps and sandwiches everything about this place is insta-worthy.

8. Peggy Porschen 

One of the most instagrammable cafes in London is of course Peggy Porschen. Known for its fairy-tale-like setting, Peggy Porschen has two locations across central London, one in Belgravia and the other in Chelsea.

This café is definitely worth a visit if you are eager to get that dreamy Instagram content. With its baby pink exterior decorated with an eye-catching flower arch, this café offers unmissable Instagram content. Peggy Porschen is known for its beautifully decorated pastries and cakes made by talented pastry chefs.

Not only are these cakes and pastries of the highest quality, but they are also begging to be photographed, and decorated with bright edible flowers.

In order to get a taste of what Peggy Porschen has to offer, their Afternoon Tea cannot be missed. With six menus on offer, from vegetarian to gluten-free, even offering a kids menu, Peggy Porschen’s Afternoon Tea really does cater for everyone.

Displayed on a beautiful cake stand, with pastries and scones that look too good to eat, everything about this café’s Afternoon Tea is totally instagrammable. Another highlight of this café is its signature cupcake menu.

Decorated with fresh fruit and edible flowers these cupcakes are out of this world and totally irresistible. Peggy Porschen is yet another amazing instagrammable café in London to add to your list!

9. The Knot Churros

The Knot Churros is a boutique desserts café that offers insane, candyfloss-topped desserts and drinks. Located in Kensington, the Knot Churros is the ultimate Instagrammable café in London. The Knot Churros has transformed the traditional Spanish dessert into these crazy, eye-catching, totally instagrammable sweet treats. D

ecorated with colourful candy floss, everything about this place is insta-worthy. From churros afternoon tea to colourful candyfloss milkshakes, the Knot Churros offers you the outrageous Instagram content you’re looking for.

10. Drunch

Although a more low-key café, Drunch offers some amazing instagrammable drinks and an unbeatable brunch. Offering a 24K gold cappuccino drench in real gold leaf, a Pablo Escobar cocktail with an actual image of Escobar himself, or a designer latte stencilled with various haute couture logos, the drinks in Drunch are absurd and totally instagrammable.

Alongside these amazing drinks, Drunch offers a fabulous brunch menu that is equally insta-worthy and absolutely delicious. From Turkish eggs, halloumi sticks or banana pancakes this brunch menu sounds and tastes as unbelievable as it looks.

With four locations available Drunch is yet another funky instagrammable café in London to keep an eye out for.

11. Aubaine – Selfridges

Aubaine is a chain of French cafes and restaurants located across Central London. Their café, located in the luxury department store Selfridges, is known for its instagrammable décor. Decorated with an abundance of purple lavender and lilac wisteria the draping flower decoration is destined for your Instagram feed.

Alongside the wisteria heaven, the classy Parisian interiors are totally insta-worthy. Their dreamy brunch menu, consisting of truffle scrambled eggs and authentic French patisseries make Aubaine an instagrammable café in London not to be missed.  

Which is your favourite Instagrammable Cafe in London?

Of the 11 delicious and incredible instagrammable cafes in London, which ones have been your favourite? Did we miss any off the list? Leave a comment below and let us know which one is your favourite unmissable Instagrammable cafes in London!

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