The 8 Best Santorini Sunset Cruises in 2024 (Incl. Dinner & Drinks)

What better way to experience the majestic beauty of Santorini than by cruising around at sunset in a boat? There’s nothing quite like seeing Santorini as you enter the Caldera and gasp in awe at how beautiful the landscape is. A sunset cruise in Santorini is the perfect way to experience Greece’s remarkable and most famous sunset. 

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There are plenty of options for a sunset cruise in Santorini, with many providing drinks, snacks, or dinner as you take in the sunset. The most popular options are watching the sunset on a catamaran and taking in some great stops along the way.

Stops depend from tour to tour but usually include an opportunity to swim in the volcanic springs of Santorini’s former volcano. 

Top Pick: Santorini Sunset Cruise

Don’t miss one of the most unbelievable experiences in Santorini. Cruise around the island of Santorini, enjoying spectacular views of the Caldera and the infamous Santorini sunset on a catamaran.

Prices for a Santorini sunset cruise can start from as little as €26/$28 to €1600/$1700 for a private catamaran or motor yacht.

Santorini Sunset Cruises are available from late-March through to the end of October.

Take a break from enjoying the fabulous Santorini beach clubs and wineries and spend the afternoon at sea, soaking up the incredible scenery.

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What to bring on your Santorini Sunset Cruise

A lot of the tours offer a variety of services included in their prices, such as drinks and towels. However that varies from tour group to tour group, so make sure to read the fine print of what is included. It’s a good idea to bring some of the following items along with you on your Santorini sunset cruise. 

  • Towel (sometimes included in the tour – make sure to check).
  • Swimsuit – if your tour includes the opportunity to swim, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit. The volcanic springs are included in a lot of the tour groups, so even in November, you can enjoy a warm swim. Make sure to wear dark swimsuits as the volcanic springs stain your clothes!
  • Sweater – it can get quite chilly once the sun has set (even in summer).
  • Sunscreen (even if the cruise takes place in Autumn or Spring, the water is reflective).
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Hat

The Best Sunset Cruise Santorini

1. All-Inclusive Santorini Sunset Cruise

Sunset Oia has operated their All-inclusive Santorini Sunset Cruise for a number of years and is one of the top-rated Santorini sunset cruises. Experience a luxury catamaran with an open bar that includes two swimming spots to enjoy the incredible waters of Santorini. 

The hugely popular tour offers an intimate and luxury cruise experience, with a delicious BBQ meal included in the price. Savor the spectacular sunset with a fabulous cocktail, after swimming in the warm volcanic springs (this is especially wonderful in October & April when the sea is a little bit chilly). 

The tour price includes a pickup and drop-off at your hotel. We also loved this tour after we walked the 400+ steps down to Amoudi Bay and they very nicely drove us up the hill for free! 

One of the best Santorini Sunset Cruise available and hugely popular with visitors (and as evidenced by their store on the main street of Oia).

Included in the tour: 

  • Unlimited wine, beer, soft drinks
  • BBQ Meal
  • Transfers to and from your hotel
  • A modern luxury catamaran
  • Swimming in two locations
  • Towels
  • Tour length: 5-6 Hours

2. Santorini Catamaran Cruise with Meal & Open Bar

Enjoy a half-day cruise on a spectacular catamaran with departures either in the morning or late in the evening for a sunset cruise. The Santorini Catamaran Sunset Cruise & Open Bar sail around the island of Santorini and takes in stunning views of the Venetian Lighthouse at Akrotiri, as well as Red Beach and White Beach. 

Stops are included for snorkeling in volcanic spring waters and at Mesa Pigadia Beach. Enjoy the Santorini sunset from the catamaran as you enjoy a freshly prepared meal of traditional Greek food. 

Included in the tour:

  • Stops at Red Beach
  • Snorkeling
  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel
  • Open bar
  • Lunch or dinner provided
  • Departures from Vlychada Port
  • Tour length 5 hours

3. Santorini Volcano and Thirassia Sunset Dinner Cruise

This Santorini sunset cruise is perfect for anyone who wants to combine some activities of hiking and swimming alongside a delightful sunset dinner. Over the 6 hours on board the cruise you’ll get to experience a hike to the top of Nea Kemeni volcano, before ‘cooling’ off in the volcanic hot springs. 

After your hike and swim, you can enjoy a dinner buffet of traditional Greek dishes such as pork souvlaki, tzatziki and Greek salad. Spend the remainder of this Santorini sunset cruise enjoying a glass of wine, and watching the sunset. 

Included in the tour: 

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Dinner
  • 1 glass of wine
  • Audio commentary
  • Hike to Nea Kemeni Volcano
  • Tour Length: 6 Hours

The Best Budget Santorini Sunset Cruises

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4. Romantic Sunset Cruise With King Thiras In The Caldera

Unlike several of the other Santorini sunset cruises which take place aboard a catamaran, sailing on the King Thiras is a completely different experience. 

The classic sailboat offers visitors a romantic vessel to enjoy watching the spectacular Santorini sunset. With a gorgeous buffet dinner provided as you sail around the caldera and take in the sights, the romantic sunset cruise with King Thiras is one of the more budget-friendly cruises in Santorini. 

Included in the tour:

  • Dinner
  • Pick up from various meeting points across the island
  • Welcome drink
  • Tour length: 4 hours

5. Santorini Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs Visit

The Santorini Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs Visit is the best budget option for visitors who want to experience cruising in the caldera, visiting the hot springs and the island of Thirassia. You can extend the tour by opting to watch the sunset from the village of Oia.

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This is the perfect Santorini boat cruise for visitors short on time and want to experience a sailing excursion for a fantastic price. Visit the active volcano of Nea Kameni which is a popular tourist activity that involves exploring the island on foot.  

With live commentary and information about the island of Santorini, the Santorini cruise continues to Thirassia where you can explore the quaint village before extending your tour by departing the boat and visiting Oia for sunset. 

Included in the tour:

  • Live commentary.
  • Visit the volcanic island of Nea Kameni and Thirassia.
  • Option to extend the tour to visit Oia for sunset.
  • Option for pick up and drop off at hotel available. 

6. Santorini Catamaran Caldera Cruise with Meal and Drinks

Spend your afternoon sunbathing on the nets of the catamaran before exploring the waters of Santorini. With swimming spots in Red Beach and visits to Thirassia, the Santorini Catamaran Caldera Cruise with Meal and Drinks can be experienced on a budget or with all the additions included.

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Those who opt for the full package will receive beer, ouzo, appetizers, and an open bar, as well as the use of towels (in case you forgot to bring your own). The comfort package does not include the aforementioned items. 

The catamaran cruise departs from Ammoudi Bay, which is also a fantastic place for enjoying lunch or dinner. Departures leave towards Thirsassi, from which you can enjoy the views from the comfort of the catamaran as it sails past the island. With swimming spots in selected spots, you’ll spend the evening enjoying watching the Santorini sunset from your luxury catamaran. 

Included in the tour:

  • Sail by the island of Thirassia
  • Dinner & Wine
  • Spectacular Santorini sunset views
  • Small group

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7. Private Catamaran Santorini 

Perhaps you and some friends want to splurge for your own Private Sunset Catamaran Cruise? Rent the entire vessel to watch the sunset from the comfort of your own private catamaran. 

Set sail and explore the incredible crystal clear waters of the caldera, stopping off for snorkeling and swimming in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea. Choose the option for a sunset cruise and you can enjoy a delicious freshly cooked Greek dinner and watch the sun slowly set. 

Included in the private catamaran:

  • Snorkeling
  • Open Bar
  • Sail past Red Beach, Black Sand Beach, and White Beach.
  • Select between a lunch cruise or sunset cruise.
  • Enjoy a freshly cooked lunch or dinner. 
  • Hotel pick up and drop off.

8. Santorini Private Riva Yacht Cruise with Meal & Open Bar

Enjoy a private sunset cruise on a motor yacht where you will be treated like royalty. The beauty of your own private cruise is that you can enjoy the incredible Santorini sunset with just your nearest and dearest.

As part of your private Santorini sunset cruise, you’ll get to enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local Greek taverna on the island of Thirassia. With opportunities to swim at Red Beach, you can spend the afternoon relaxing and drying off on the bow of the magnificent Riva. 

Enjoy the sunset with a complimentary bottle of Prosecco before heading back to shore. 

Include in the private cruise:

  • Hotel pick up and drop off.
  • Bottle of Prosecco.
  • Open Bar.
  • Lunch or Dinner in Greek Taverna in Thirassia. 
  • Snorkeling.
  • Fresh fruit.
  • Tour length: 5 Hours

A Santorini Sunset Cruise You Won’t Forget

With Santorini’s popularity increasing each year, places like Oia have been swamped with sunset goers who flock to the picturesque village to take in the gorgeous sunset. You may have seen photos on social media circulating of thousands of people grappling to get a position to capture the moment.

Why not take the hassle and claustrophobia out of watching the Santorini sunset by taking a splendid and squish-less experience of a fabulous Santorini sunset cruise? Drop a comment below and let me know which one you ended up choosing and how it was!

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  1. Can you help us find a simple sunset dinner cruise for 40 wedding guests late August 2024. We would not want any extra stops for swimming/snorkeling/hiking as we will have many elderly guests. Thank you

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