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The 7 Beach Clubs In Santorini Worth Visiting (2023)

Whilst Santorini is definitely known for its high soaring cliffs that overlook the caldera, there is another side to the island that is equally as popular. The beaches of Perissa & Perivolos are popular with visitors looking for a beach club in Santorini, as well as those looking for a day away from the bustling crowds of Oia and Fira. 

Whilst the range of beach clubs in Santorini may not be as extensive as those found in Ibiza or St Tropez, you’ll certainly find world-famous beach club names such as Nikki Beach Santorini on the island. 

The beaches in Santorini are peculiar in the sense that you’ll find an array of colors throughout Santorini’s beaches. From the black sand beaches of Perissa to the red sand beach near Akrotiri, these are the remains of the volcano which once made up this island. 

A day spent in one of the beach clubs in Santorini is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon enjoying views across the Aegean Sea, sipping on a well-crafted cocktail, and soaking up the superb Greek cuisine. 

It’s also the perfect time to plan your Santorini Sunset Catamaran Cruise for later on in the week. Which is something you can’t leave Santorini without doing.

1. Nikki Beach Santorini 

With its infamous ‘White Parties’, Nikki Beach Santorini is one of the world’s premier beach clubs and its branch in Santorini is no different. Located on the black beaches of Monolithos, Nikki Beach Santorini is also a resort and spa.

Not only can you spend your days in one of the world’s most famous beach clubs but you can also enjoy fantastic spa treatments too. 

You don’t need to be a guest staying in the resort to enjoy Nikki Beach Club, but it will set you back around €350 a day to rent a sunbed by the infamous party pool.

With a wide range of events throughout the summer, from Rosè parties to world-famous DJs, Nikki Beach Santorini is one of the most luxurious beach clubs on the island. 

Bookings from May 1st 2023.

Address: Monolithos Beach

Telephone: +302286037093


2. Theros Wave Bar 

Operational from May through to October, Theros Wave Bar is a stunning beach club in Santorini on Vlychada beach. It’s also a quick 15-minute stop from Fira, which makes Theros Wave Bar the perfect day out. 

The dramatic landscape of the cliffs that seem to endlessly soar into the sky makes one of the most superb backdrops for this Santorini beach club. Perched high and overlooking the sunbeds and beach is where you’ll find the beach bar and restaurant. 

Theros Wave Bar is an unmissable beach club in Santorini and it’s easy to see why it’s been voted by Tripadvisor as one of the best things to see and do in Santorini. With comfy bean bags, or sunbeds, what better place to spend an afternoon lounging in the Santorini sun and drinking fantastic cocktails.

Sun loungers start from €15 and include an umbrella.

Address: Theros Wave Bar, Vlyhada, Thira 847 00, Greece

Telephone: +30 22861 12015


3. Yalos

Barebones and rustic, Yalos is a mixture of chic carpenter combined with a deserted island feel. It surprisingly works. The tagline on their Instagram page states that Yalos ‘engages all the senses’ and it’s hard to deny that when experiencing this otherworldly beach club in Santorini. 

Some of the beach clubs in Santorini can verge on pretentious, but Yalos is that curious mix of charm and aloofness that draws a certain clientele. Its location on Exo Gialos beach is a short drive from Fira and part of the beach club has been carved into the rocks. 

The big draw for Yalos is the superb, and really it is superb cuisine that is quite unusual for a beach club. The produce is locally sourced and the menu has been created with foodies in mind. You won’t find any frozen food here. 

The former fisherman shack setting is spectacularly designed, with beach beds spread out across the sand, and dining on the sand crossed-legged is highly recommended. 

Savor the ambiance and soak up the bohemian vibes. 

Address: Exo Gialos Beach

Telephone:  +30 22860 25816


4. Wet Stories 

Asides from having one of the best names of beach clubs in Santorini, it also happens to be one of the slickest beach clubs in the Cyclade islands. 

Located on the black sands of Perivolos Beach, the unique sand color is a stark contrast to the crystal clear water. 

Spend a day at Wet Stories nibbling on a fantastic Japanese-inspired menu, whilst ordering a variety of their signature cocktails. 

Two sun loungers plus an umbrella are reasonably priced at €30 which is a steal compared to some of the other beach bars on the island. 

Reservations are strongly recommended in advance. 

Address: Perivolos Beach

Telephone: 00030 2286 082990


5. Seaside Santorini

Seaside Santorini is one of those beach clubs that has a number of strings in its bow. Not only is it a popular beach club, but its restaurant and bar attract a lot of visitors from across the island. 

Located on the black sands of Perivolos Beach, Seaside Santorini is a vibrant beach club no matter what time of the day you stumble upon it. Its restaurant won a prestigious award, ‘World Luxury Restaurant 2022’ that requires bookings, especially in the height of the summer months. 

The beach club part of Seaside Santorini has an array of fabulous cabanas and sun loungers to choose from. Divide your time between dips in the sea and ordering delicious cocktails and small plates to your beach cabana. 

Address: Perivolos Beach

Telephone: +30 22860 82801


6. Jojo Beach Bar

The fantastic Jojo Beach Bar is like visiting Tahiti with its Tiki Beach Bar vibes and palm frond roof. With options to relax in their Bali beds by the pool, or down on the black sand beach of Perivolos.

Spend your day vibing in one of the most energetic beach club in Santorini, listening to curated playlists, ordering delicious Greek food to your bedside or swimming in the huge pool that lines that bar.

Jojo Beach Bar is one of the best spots on Santorini for late-night partying with several themed nights throughout the summer months. Spend the evening dancing to superb DJ sets and you’ll inevitably end up in the pool at some stage.

Address: Joy Beach Hotel, Perivolos Santorini, 84703

Telephone: +30 22860 8138

7. Fougaro Beach

Reminiscint of some of the beach clubs in Mykonos, Fougaro Beach is primarily a superb restaurant with some of the best food on Santorini. It doubles up during the day to include one of the best beach club experiences in Santorini.

Situated on Perivolos Beach, Fougaro Beach offers fantastic and freshly prepared sushi, as well as other delicious Asian dishes such as Bao buns and unmissable cocktails. It’s worth reserving dinner in Fougaro Beach to complete the experience.

However, if you are visiting Fougaro Beach during the day, make sure to check out their beach club section. With some of the most comfortable sun loungers on Perivolos Beach, spend the day dining on delicious beach-side snacks, downing incredible cocktails, and dipping in and out of the Aegean Sea.

Whether you decide to spend your days lounging by the beach in one of the many beach clubs in Santorini or dining in the many beach bars and restaurants, you’re going to have a wonderful time.

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