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Explore The Best Beaches In Taormina (2022)

The town of Taormina perches high on the Sicilian coast, overlooked by Mount Etna and with spectacular views of the coastline. You can easily spend a couple of days exploring the town and its many sights, but in the height of summer, there is no better feeling than cooling off in the sea. For visitors who want to spend some time at the beach in Taormina, there are several to choose from. The easiest Taormina beaches to access are Mazzaro Beach and Isola Bella Beach. 

Getting to the Beaches in Taormina

Cable Car to Taormina Beach

The easiest and cheapest way to get to the beaches is by cablecar. The cable car (Mazzaro Taormina Funivia) operates every 15 minutes and takes around 4 minutes to reach either the beaches in Taormina or the town. During my visit in May 2022, the cable car was operating until 1 AM each night, but do check the timetable in case times have changed. 

Cable Car TimesTicket PricesFrequency
8 AM – 1 AM€3 Adult One Way
€10 Adult Day Ticket
€30 Week Pass
Every 15 Minutes

Do be warned that if you have a fear of heights or suffer from vertigo then you should probably skip this experience. 

Taxis to Taormina Beach

Taxis in Taormina appear to operate on a flat rate of €15 to go anywhere in the vicinity. We traveled 2 minutes with suitcases from the train station to our hotel and were charged €15. Always make sure to ask the price before you get into the taxi so you don’t end up with a large and nasty bill. 

Bus to Taormina Beach

If traveling by cable car or taxi doesn’t sound appealing to you, consider the local bus that takes 10 minutes from Taormina Bus Terminal to Isola Bella. Departing every hour, you can take the InterBus for €1.90 each way to the beaches of Taormina. Check the local bus timetable for a more detailed and up-to-date version. 

The Etna bus operator also has a hop on – hop off service that tours the area and local sights, which also has stops in Mazzaro beach. If you are visiting the town on a short visit and want to hit all the tourist attractions, this is a great option to explore the area. 

Parking at Taormina Beach

There is a large parking lot at the foot of the cable car. There is also an underground car park too. If you are fortunate you may even find parking on the side of the road, but the easiest thing to do is to park your car in the Mazzaro Parking Lot. Arriving as early as possible will guarantee a space during the high season, otherwise, you may end up driving up the mountain to the numerous parking lots around the town. 

Are there sandy beaches in Taormina?

The beaches in Taormina are not sandy. Mazzaro Beach and Isola Bella Beach are rocky beaches that require sea shoes to access the water. Mazzaro Beach has small pebbles and it’s easier to get into the water without sea shoes. 

Where can you swim in Taormina?

Swimming is possible at Mazzaro Beach and Isola Bella Beach. Pay attention to the flags that will indicate whether swimming is permitted and if there is a lifeguard on duty. 

Mazzaro Beach

Mazzaro Beach is the easiest beach to get to from Taormina. If arriving from Taormina town, the beach is directly in front of the cable car and parking lot. There are 3 entrances to the beach, with the closest access point at the beginning of the parking lot. 

Mazzaro Beach is a delightful crescent beach that has two 5-star hotels, two beach bars, and restaurants. Sun loungers are available to rent at Lido il Delfino for €15 per day. You’ll also find that there is table service to the sun loungers, which makes ordering Aperol Spritz’s and snacks very easy. 

Lido La Pigna is another popular beach restaurant with sun loungers available to rent for the day. The food in Lido La Pigna is excellent and worth visiting Mazzaro Beach for the delicious focaccia and Aperol spritz’. The views are pretty nice too. 

There is a very small section of the beach that is available for beachgoers who don’t want to pay for a sun lounger and lie on the beach instead. 

Visitors will also find Boat Excursions Taormina that tour the local area around Isola Bella, Grotta Azzurra, and Mermaid’s Bay depart from Mazzaro Beach. Tours start from half-day and visitors will find ample opportunities for swimming and snorkeling in hard-to-reach areas. The beautiful traditional boats to the area are used to transport guests around the island and Mediterranean waters. 

If the idea of laying out on a sun lounger sounds incredibly boring to you, there is also an opportunity for active visitors to rent Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards. Located beside Boat Excursions Taormina, SUPs are available to rent per hour. 

Isola Bella Beach

How do I get to Isola Bella from Taormina?

The easiest way to get to beautiful Isola Bella from Taormina is to take the cable car (Taormina Mazzaro Funivia) from the Taormina town down to Mazzaro beach. From the foot of the cable car, turn right onto the road and you can walk 3 minutes up a very small hill. Once you reach the crest of the hill you will come within view of the stunning Isola Bella Beach. There are a number of small cafes, shops, ATM, and restaurants just before you descend the stairs to the beach. 

There are over 150 steps down to the beach and once you are at sea level you will find a number of beach restaurants and bars. Isola Bella is a pebble beach, so renting a bed from one of the numerous places is recommended. 

Access to the island is best done in the early morning when the tide has retreated. Bring sea shoes as the stones can be very slippery and uncomfortable barefoot. The island of Isola Bella was once a private island that fell into disrepair in the early 20th century. Saved in the late 1980s by the Department of Cultural Heritage, it’s now possible to visit the island and the former home for €4. 

Nearby Taormina Beaches

There are several beaches near Taormina that are easy to access if you have a rental car or don’t mind paying for a taxi.

You’ll find several beach clubs between Spisone and Letojanni. You can also take the cable car from Taormina to Mazzaro Beach and walk for 1.5km to reach the beaches. The views are staggeringly beautiful. 

In the opposite direction towards Giardini Naxos, the sandy beaches are very popular with families. Its close proximity at only 5km from Taormina gives a lot of options for visitors seeking fine sand and its marine park makes Giardini Naxos a popular place to be based.

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