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Explore 12 Of The Best Milos Beaches in 2022

The crystal clear water of the many beaches that surround the Greek island of Milos is ever so enticing. The watercolor here is quite unlike anywhere else in the Cyclade Islands, and perhaps this has a lot to do with Milos’ rise in popularity amongst travelers. The island of Milos is blessed with dozens of beaches that vary from lunar landscape to only being accessible by boat. And with so many beaches on Milos to choose from, you may not even get a chance to sample all the wildly different Milos beaches on offer. 

Top 5 Notable Milos Beaches

  1. Sarakiniko Beach
  2. Tsigrado Beach
  3. Thiorichia Beach
  4. Gerakas Beach
  5. Mandrakia Beach

1. Sarakiniko Beach

The most famous of Milos’ Beaches, Sarakiniko Beach is known for its white volcanic rock formations that have been shaped by the sea over hundreds of thousands of years. It’s a great place for cliff jumping, and the aquamarine water here is a sharp contrast to the off-white rocks. Quite frequently you will hear Sarakiniko Bech being referred to as ‘lunar’ or moon-like because of its rather unusual rock color and fantastical formation shapes. 

Can you swim at Sarakiniko Beach?

You can absolutely swim at Sarakiniko Beach, and of all the places to practice cliff diving, then Sarakiniko beach is the place to embrace jumping into the clearest water in the Aegean Sea. There is a small beach that provides access to walk into the water if cliff jumping is not your thing. 

How do you get to Sarakiniko Beach?

The easiest way to get to Sarakiniko Beach is by taking your own rental vehicle. There is a parking lot a short walk from the beach that is free but try to arrive before 12pm to ensure you get a space. 

Why is Sarakiniko white?

The rock formations found at Sarakiniko are white because of volcanic activity that created the unusual landscape. The rocks and land have been gradually eroded due to coastal erosion elements, seawater and time have formed some of the incredible shapes now found at Sarakiniko. 

Can you walk from Adamas to Sarakiniko Beach?

You can walk from Adamas to Sarakiniko Beach, but do note that it will take around 4km and just under an hour to reach the beach. There are no footpaths on the road, so walk single file and be aware of traffic. 

2. Firopotamos Beach

Firopotamos Beach is a small stone beach that is enclosed by traditional fishermen’s huts, some of which have now been revamped as Airbnb rentals and some are still used as storage. The Church of Agios Nikolaos sits on the headland overlooking the tranquil waters of Firopotamos Beach. 

There are a small number of places to rent or stay in at Firopotamos Beach, Blue Mare Apartments is a former fisherman hut that has been updated and now offers some of the most incredible accommodation choices on Firopotamos Beach. You can open your front door and instantly be on the beach or fall asleep to the sounds of the waves. Absolute bliss. 

The beach is blessed with hardly any wind unlike other parts of the Milos Islands’ beaches. The road to the beach is quite steep but accessible. There are sun loungers and umbrellas available on the beach but arrive early to claim them.

3. Mandrakia Beach

Another picturesque fishing village, Mandrakia Beach is popular for its adorable and pretty fishing huts as well as the superb seafood restaurant Medusa. 

Mandrakia Beach is more of an inlet with rocks to bathe on and some of the clearest water tempting you for a swim. Mandrakia is of the prettiest places to stay on Milos for seclusion, out-of-this-world scenery, and a great taverna serving some of the best food on the entire island. 

In fact, you can spot the octopus drying on lines around the small village that will be used in dishes served in the Medusa Taverna. The restaurant has tables directly on the water and the food is delightful. Visiting Mandrakia Beach and Village for one of the prettiest settings in Milos. 

4. Plathiena Beach

Plathiena Beach is a sandy beach that is sheltered by the large cliffs that loom overhead. There is a small taverna that serves locally caught produce and is a great place to grab a sunset cocktail. 

There is car parking directly in front of the beach and you’ll find the Plathiena Foodies Beach Bar beside the car park. During the busier months expect to arrive before 12 pm if you have a car to ensure a space. 

Plathiena Bech is a super place to watch an infamous Greek sunset. 

5. Agia Kiriaki Beach

Although the crowds never reach the volumes of other neighboring Greek islands, sometimes Milos’ Beaches can feel quite busy. If you want to escape the crowds head to the beaches in the south of Milos to get away from the crowds and experience sheltered bays and pebble beaches.

Agia Kiriaki Beach is a lovely large sandy beach with clear shallow water. This is a beach to consider for days when the wind is blowing in the north of the island. There are sun loungers and umbrellas available and a few trees provide shade.

A small taverna, Thalassopetra Tavern serves lunch that can be hit or miss depending on how busy it is. There are two tavernas on the hill that overlook the beach that has fantastic views and great seafood as well as popular Greek dishes. 

6. Gerakas Beach

One of the best Milos Beaches is only accessible by boat. The water here is out aquamarine and so inviting it’s hard to refuse an invite into this incredible water. The good thing about Gerakas Beach is that you don’t have to be the owner of a superyacht to visit one of the best beaches in Milos. An organized tour is the best and easiest way to experience paradise. 

7. Tsigrado Beach

Aside from Sarakiniko Beach, Tsigrado Beach is probably the second most famous of Milos beaches. The reason for its popularity is the novel way to access the beach. This is a beach not for the faint of heart, as the only way to access it from the land is by a ladder. A very rickety that is tucked into the edge of a cliff. Adventure seekers and those seeking something out of the ordinary will love Tsigrado Beach. 

How do I get to Milos Hidden Beach?

Due to its difficulty and completely novel approach, Tsigrado Beach is now an extremely busy beach to visit during the high season and is best done via an organized tour by boat. Arriving by boat in the beautiful sheltered cove means you don’t need to climb the crazy ladder up a cliff. And did I mention the ropes you need to hold onto to access the tunnels that lead to the ladder? Tsigrado Beach is a lot of fun for the adventurous traveler who wants to visit one of the most secluded Milos beaches. 

8. Fyriplaka Beach

A small sliver of a beach, Fyriplaka Beach is perfect for travelers who want to indulge in some watersports such as kayaking. You can kayak on your own or join an organized tour through Milos Water Sports, which makes visiting Tsigrado Beach & Gerakas Beach easy to access. Stand-up Paddleboards are also available to rent too.

There is a small restaurant that serves food and has sun loungers and umbrellas available to rent. Further down Fyriplaka Beach, there is a nudist section.

Firiplaka beach at the island of Milos in Greece

9. Provatas Beach Milos

Delightful Provatas Beach is easy to access by rental vehicle or by local bus. Provatas Beach has a great selection of sun loungers and umbrellas, and there is ample space available for towels. 

Golden Milos Beach Bar is a nice place to grab a drink and do some people-watching. The Bar is slightly elevated and gives a great view over the beach. Make sure to grab lunch in Muses Taverna and enjoy the fresh ingredients and stunning view. 

10. Papafragas

Similar to Sarakiniko Beach, Papafragas is a series of caves that were formed during volcanic activity on the island millions of years ago. One of the best things about the Papafragas Caves is the ability to wander around the coves and explore some of the accessible sea caves and beaches hidden amongst the rocks. Papafragas is for the more adventurous explorer who like a challenge when finding the perfect place to swim and sunbathe. 

Papafragas hidden beach with crystal clear turquoise water and tunnel rock formations in Milos island, Greece

The water can be littered with trash depending on the tide and the small access to the beach means that it can get extremely busy. Prepare for an early morning visit to have it entirely to yourself. 

Where is Papafragas Beach?

You can find Papafragas Beach on Milos’ Northern coast, less than 15km from Adamantas and 2.2km from Pollonia. 

11. Pollonia Beach

Pollonia is the second largest town on Milos and is perhaps it’s most charming. Whilst Pollonia Beach is nothing spectacular it is still quite charming and is a reflection of the quaint town of Pollonia. The sandy beach has a beautiful backdrop of the white Greek buildings and has lots of shade from the trees that line the beach. 

One of the great joys of visiting Pollonia is the abundance of tavernas that are a short walk from the beach. With lots to select from, Pollonia is a superb beach for people who want ambiance, excellent food, and shelter.

Where is Pollonia Beach?

Located 9km from Adamantas, Pollonia Beach is the 2nd largest town on Milos. Located in the North East of the country the beach faces the island of Kimolos, from which you can catch a ferry to the port of Pollonia. 

Pollonia Beach Milos Cyclades Greece

12. Thiorichia Beach

A former sulfur mine, nowadays Thiorichia Beach is a ghost town that is a thriving beach with an eerie backdrop. It’s one of the most unusual beaches in Milos and for that reason alone it’s worth visiting. 

You can still locate sulfur strewn around, as well as abandoned equipment that has been left to rust. You can drive your car pretty much all the way down to the beach. The beach itself is really quite lovely and was my personal favorite on my visit. I think the old sulfur mine at Thiorichia Beach adds to its charm and uniqueness. 

The abandoned sulphur mines and beach of Thiorichia, on the remote eastern side of Milos island, Cyclades, Greece

Does Milos have Sandy Beaches?

Milos has sandy beaches that are spread out across the island. The most popular sandy beaches are Pollonia Beach, Provatas Beach, and Plathiena Beach which are accessible by land. The best beach that is only accessible by boat and is probably the prettiest of all the Milos beaches is Gerakas Beach.

Does Milos have nice beaches?

Milos has lots of nice beaches, and the great thing about Milos Beaches is how unique each one is. You can find beaches that are only accessible by ladder (Tsigrado Beach), or by boat (Gerakas Beach). You can also find beaches in Milos that have incredible backdrops such as abandoned Sulfur Mines (Thiorichia Beach) and pretty fisherman huts (Firopotamos Beach). Milos has an incredible range of beaches that will delight the adventurous and those who seek a traditional beach.

How to Get to Milos

Milos is well connected with an airport that has daily departures to Athens. During the high season, there are numerous flights throughout the day, and the journey takes less than an hour. 

The most popular way of getting to Milos is by ferry. There are at least two ferries per day that connect Athens with Milos. For more information read my guide on how to get to Milos below. 

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Getting Around Milos

If arriving from the airport you can either get a taxi to your accommodation on the island or rent a vehicle from the rental agencies at the airport. There are limited taxis available on Milos, so you may have to wait. 

There is also a bus service around the island, with buses departing from the Adamas to other popular parts of the island. Bus tickets are cheap.

Car Rental Milos Greece

Renting your own vehicle, car or scooter is a great idea for getting around the island of Milos. There are lots of beaches that require a vehicle to get to, and rental options are relatively cheap on the island. Your accommodation can usually provide you with local companies that can deliver scooters, ATVs, and cars to your hotel. If you want to hire your car in advance and get the best rate, consider car hire with RentalCars for the best rates and availability.

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