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Discover 6 Of The Best Coworking Space in Antwerp in 2023

Coworking spaces are nothing new, but their rise in popularity was definitely helped by the pandemic. There are quite a number of excellent coworking spaces in Antwerp and these provide opportunities from simply getting out of the house, to meeting new interesting people.

You’ll find many of the coworking space in Antwerp in the 2000 district code, with several in Zuid and Eilandje. And thanks to the city of Antwerp being rather small, this means only a short 10-minute bike ride from most places.

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Benefits of Coworking Spaces

For a lot of people, the benefits of remote working means an increased time spent with family members, helping around the house or just the freedom of working from home that it enables. Coworking spaces have been around before Covid-19 and their popularity has increased thanks to the global pandemic. The opportunity to meet and work in a collaborative space is appealing for several reasons; 

1) The opportunity to meet other people in different working environments; 

2) Potential for increased creativity and productivity; 

3) Reduces the commute to offices;

4)A flexible option to move your workspace from your home to a place that is not a cafe or spare bedroom. 

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Coworking Desks and Coworking Spaces

Users can find many options that will suit each need. Most coworking spaces in Antwerp offer users a Flexi desk option, which allows them to move around the coworking space and find the right set-up for them.

This could be a beanbag on the floor, a coworking desk, or a hammock. Those who opt into the fixed desk will be able to set up their monitors or have their fixed space which they can return to whenever they visit the coworking space next. 

Snacks, coffee and tea are usually offered in all of the Antwerpen coworking spaces. In addition, most spaces offer meeting rooms or places for users to have conference calls. 

Coworking Membership

Each one of the coworking space in Antwerp offers users monthly rates for using the space, whether it is once or twice a week to daily guest passes. Some places do not issue daily passes as they try to build up a community instead. Depending on whether you are a freelancer or working for a company, with the many coworking spaces available in Antwerp, there will be something for all budget needs. 

Coworking Spaces in Antwerp

1. Humgy | IJzerenpoortkaai 3, 2000 Antwerpen

Humgy is a coworking space in Antwerp that revolves around building community. With events and activities weekly, Humgy wants to provide coworking desks where creatives and those seeking other like-minded professionals can find somewhere to work and network. It offers plans for users who need space once or twice a week or for a fixed amount of time.

If you are seeking a coworking space in Antwerp where you need an office, or want to meet with colleagues, Humgy offers really beautiful meeting rooms. With high-vaulted ceilings and beautiful decor, Humgy Zuid creates energy centred around a community that is refreshing to see in our new post-Covid world.

If you need to escape the stress of work, Humgy offers a zen room where you can relax in hammocks. On Friday afternoons you can enjoy a well-deserved G&T or beer in the communal couch area and meet coworkers. 

2. Fosbury and Sons | Mechelsesteenweg 271, 2018 Antwerpen

Slick and a little bit sexy, Fosbury and Sons have several coworking spaces in Europe. Their coworking space in Antwerp offers rates starting from €20 for a visitor pass. For those seeking a space where you have a registered office or a postal service, this would make a great base.

Facilities and services include printing, meeting rooms, internet connection, hospitality teams, free events and access to other Fosbury & Sons locations around the world. Fosbury and Sons have several packages that will suit those who want a flexi desk or a fixed office space. 

3. Friday Cowork Antwerp | Lange Leemstraat 358b, 2018 Antwerpen

Friday Cowork is the coworking space in Antwerp that will suit those that want a comforting home away from home feel. With colourful decor and a lovely ambience, you might even struggle to return to your actual home. Open 24/7 and with access 7 days a week, Friday has 3 coworking spaces in Antwerp. One in Zjindrecht, Groen Quartier & near Eilandtje.

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Friday offers some of the best value when it comes to coworking spaces in Antwerp. With offers such as a half-day option at €14, this is a perfect option for those wanting a quiet space for a short amount of time. Friday’s Flex option of €99 for 1 or 2 days a week is one of the cheapest coworking space in Antwerp. With gardens and communal spaces, you will feel right at home in this community lead coworking environment.  

4. Greenhouse Antwerp | Uitbreidingstraat 66 – 2600 Antwerp

Greenhouse Antwerp is instantly recognisable from the outside with its lush green garden facade. With a focus on sustainability and well-being, this is the perfect coworking space in Antwerp for those seeking like-minded individuals. With an onsite restaurant and cafe, you will find delicious options whilst taking a break from your workday.

Located in Berchem, there is plenty of access to trams, trains and the Antwerp ring road. Users can have meetings in dedicated meeting rooms and they also have offices in Mechelen and Brussels. A monthly package rate costs €175 and a day rate is €15.

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5. The Brain Embassy | Italiëlei 124, 2000 Antwerpen

The Brain Embassy’s goal is to create a community where like-minded people can not only build friendships but learn from one another. They aim to create a coworking space in Antwerp where people can co-create together and be productive and innovative.

Coworkers playing ping-pong in the Brain Embassy, a coworking space in Antwerp.
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The spaces are open-plan, with standing desks and half-open working areas for working. The community celebrates events and encourages happy hours within the community to foster creativity and productivity. And when your day gets too stressful you can find yourself in the mediation room and zen out. Or playing some ping-pong!

The large open space office of the Brain Embassy.
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The red shipping container inside The Brain Embassy - a Coworking Space in Antwerp offers stools and drinks for people to connect over.
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6. The Attic | 44 Grotehondstraat 2018 Antwerp

The Attic offers one of the best coworking membership prices in Antwerp. You will find all the amenities included in the price, such as internet, kitchen access, coffee, and access to public transportation nearby.

You can use The Attic’s virtual service subscription which enables users to have a registered office. In addition to a discount on meeting rooms and postal service. With a monthly rate for one day a week priced at €100, this is a great option for those seeking a small intimate community-centred coworking space in Antwerp.

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Which Coworking Space in Antwerp will you choose?

The increase in coworking spaces in Antwerp is a testament to how much people enjoy working at coworking desks or flexi spaces. Located all across the city, some plans will suit whether you are temporarily visiting the city or need a space for a long-term period.

Whether you’re looking for new friends or a dedicated coworking space there is something for everyone. Whether you’re passing through the city on a quick visit and need a space to work for a few days, make sure you get the opportunity to visit some of Antwerp’s fantastic hotels and cafes.

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