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The 2023 Guide to the Oceanografic Valencia Aquarium

The city of Valencia is remarkable for its stunning architecture that has transformed the area surrounding the port and beach. The futuristic design of the City of Arts & Sciences (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències) and the Valencia Aquarium (Museo Oceanogràfic) are astounding and impressive to wander around. 

The City of Arts & Sciences is a great way to spend an entire day exploring, as you navigate through immersive displays and is perfect for the entire family. Located just beside the City of Arts & Sciences Valencia is the hugely impressive Museo Oceanogràfic, one of the largest aquariums in Europe

If you are fascinated by the underwater world, I highly recommend a visit to the Valencia Aquarium. Throughout the large marine park, you will find beluga whales, sharks, penguins, dolphins, jellyfish, sea lions, and turtles. And that’s just scratching the surface of what is on offer. 

Whether you are visiting Valencia for the incredible Las Fallas festival (an absolute must for visitors during the month of March), or a weekend away, a trip to the Valencia Aquarium is a must. 

Warning: If you are uncomfortable with zoos or marine parks, then a visit to the Valencia Aquarium is probably not going to be for you. One of the main tourist attractions in the aquarium is a live dolphin show, where trainers encourage dolphins to perform. 

What to see in the Valencia Aquarium

The Valencia Aquarium is huge, so make sure you have planned enough time to visit all the displays. We spent 3 hours walking around the exhibitions, tanks and shows that were on offer and could have easily spent quite some more time in the park if our feet weren’t killing us. 

There are several ways to experience the aquarium, you can navigate it on your own or experience it through an audio guide. For an additional €7, the audio guide of the Valencia Aquarium will provide additional information on the animal’s habitats, diets and much more. The audio guide is provided in English, Spanish, German, Valenciano, French, Italian & Russian. 

The aquarium is divided into 15 separate zones that transport you around the world. Step into the Mediterranean Sea and learn about the creatures that live there. Or visit the Aviary and immerse yourself in an incredible dome with fascinating birds from the wetlands. 

The Shark zone was easily one of the most impressive buildings, with a long tunnel that allows you a 360 view of sharks, manta rays and fish. 

A large dolphin centre has various shows throughout the day where the dolphins have been trained to perform tricks for the audience. The large amphitheatre provides access to the show and is covered, so even on the hottest days, you can escape the sun. 

The Beluga Whales were one of my personal favourites. I’ve never seen one in the wild nor in captivity, and seeing them was absolutely breathtaking. The building that has been made their home is fantastic and hugely impressive. The whales can be viewed from a platform or as you descend from the tanks below. 

Eating and Drinking at the Valencia Aquarium

There are several places across the marine park to grab some food and drinks. There are several places to grab a slice of pizza or ice cream. And if you fancy sitting down and cooling off, try visiting either the Restaurante Submarino, Hamburgueseria Delfinario, or Restaurante y Heladeria Océanos for a sit-down meal. 

There are a number of stores throughout the park to pick up some cute souvenirs such as plush toys, and magnets and you can also grab some candy and drinks too.

How to get to the L’Oceanogràfic Museum Valencia

If you are travelling from the historic centre of Valencia, the easiest way to get to the Oceanogràfic Museum is to take the 95 bus.

There are numerous stops along the edge of the old town, as the bus route runs along the Turia Park.

Tickets are €1.50 per person and can be purchased onboard with the bus driver. 

You can also purchase tickets in advance by downloading the EMT app. You will need to show the bus driver your tickets on the app and they will give you a paper ticket in return. 

The number 10 metro line also has a stop outside the Valencia Aquarium. 

Valencia Aquarium Tickets

The admission ticket for the Valencia Aquarium starts at €33.70 and you can add on additional experiences such as:

  • Backstage Tour (behind the scenes of the aquarium).
  • 4D Cinema (the biggest 4D cinema with sight, scent, snow and wind!).
  • The Sea in Your Hands (a hands on experience for the kids). 

You can purchase Valencia Aquarium tickets here or via the widget below. 

Valencia Aquarium Opening Hours

The Valencia Aquarium opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm during the winter season.

In the summer months, the aquarium is open from 10 am until 9 pm

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