How to get to Milos Greece in 2024 – Ferries & Flights

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The island of Milos has over the past 10 years exploded in popularity. Social Media has a huge part to play in the island’s popularity as more and more people discover the beauty of the Greek islands.

If you are travelling from mainland Greece or nearby islands, the easiest and fastest way to get to Milos is by ferry. There are a number of ferry companies that serve the island, you can read on below for more detailed information.

If travelling by plane from Athens during the summer months there are a couple of flights from Olympic Airways & Aegean that take 40 minutes from Athens to Milos on a small propeller plane. Short on time, this is a great way to get to Milos quickly from Athens.

Busier and more popular islands in the Cyclades, like Mykonos and Santorini, take the brunt of visitors when exploring the region. This is my guide on how to get to Milos Greece in 2024. 

That’s not to say that Milos is quiet and undiscovered, tourists have started to visit the island more and more frequently for a number of reasons. Milos has some of the best beaches in the Cyclades, with world-famous Sarakiniko Beach being just one of the 30 found on the island.

The unusual rock formations and crystal clear water are extraordinarily inviting, as is the adorable fisherman huts of Klima, and even the incredible culinary scene in Pollonia and Trypiti.

Ferry schedules are released in April for the upcoming year. Make sure to check Ferryhopper for more up-to-date travel times and ferry routes. Greece is one of the best countries to plan a trip island hopping, and it has great ferry connections throughout the islands. 

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Where is Milos? 

Milos Island is part of one of the most famous chain of islands in Greece known as the Cyclades. Mykonos and Santorini are also a part of this infamous group of islands that is well known for their whitewashed buildings, blue-domed churches and home to some of the best beaches in Greece

The abandoned sulphur mines and beach of Thiorichia, on the remote eastern side of Milos island, Cyclades, Greece

Its location 160 miles from Athens, makes it easily accessible with numerous ferry crossings per day during the high season. The average travel time by ferry from Athens Pireaus takes 3 hours, or by aeroplane, a short 40-minute flight. Ferries arrive at Adamas Port in Milos, a lively town and centre of the island. 

Ferries in Greece

Travelling by ferry around the islands in Greece is a must. The routes are well organised and make island hopping easy to do. You can book ferry tickets in advance, or as needed.

Do plan your routes carefully though, as some of the smaller islands are trickier to get to and require planning. Ferryhopper is a great service for booking ferries and makes booking travel incredibly easy. 

Ferries from Santorini to Milos ← → Milos to Santorini

There are several ferry operators that operate a service between the island of Santorini and Milos. With an average sailing time of 2 hours on a fast ferry, or closer to 6 hours on the slower ferries.

The number of ferries serving the Santorini to Milos route varies throughout the seasons, but during the summer there is the widest range of ferry routes travelling between Santorini and Milos, with over 15 departures throughout the week. 

Ferry Operators that have routes connecting Santorini to Milos include SeaJets & Dionisios Solomos. 

Ferry OperatorCrossing TimeFrequency**Ferry TimePrice
Speedrunner Jet2 Hours 05 MinutesMTWTFSS14.40 – 16.45€93.70
SuperJet/SeaJet 22 Hours 10 MinutesMTWTFSS15.20 – 17.30€93.70
Dionisios Solomos5 Hours 40 MinutesT11.30 – 17.10 €16


Milos to Mykonos Ferry

There is a fast ferry from Milos to Mykonos every day with Seajets that takes 3 hours. Seajet ferry also has stops in Sifnos and Paros.

Ferry OperatorCrossing TimeFrequencyFerry TimePrice
SeaJet 23 Hours 05 MinutesMTWTFSS16.40 – 19.45€108.70


Consider flying into Mykonos International Airport and travelling by ferry from Mykonos to Milos as an alternative route to Athens.

Milos to Paros Ferry

Wondering how to get from Paros to Milos? There are two ferry companies that link the islands of Milos and Paros.

SeaJet 2 is a fast ferry that will take you in under 2 hours to reach Milos from Paros. It stops on the island of Sifnos and can be pretty expensive, with prices starting from increasing from €55 in 2022 to €75 in 2023.

Blue Star Line Artemis usually operates this route once per week, however as of writing in early April 2024 there was no sign of its schedule appearing online.

Blue Star Line Artemis has stops in Kimolos, Serifos, and Sifnos before arriving in Paros. It takes 5 hours to make this journey and costs €20.

Ferry OperatorCrossing TimeFrequency**Ferry TimePrice
SeaJet 21 Hours 30 MinutesMTWTFSS18.10 – 19.45€75.70


Athens to Milos Ferry / Milos to Athens Ferry 

There are over 26 weekly ferry crossings during the summer months, travelling from Milos to Athens and Athens to Milos. A fast ferry from Athens Piraeus takes 3 hours to reach Milos, with slower ferries taking an average time of 4-5 hours for the crossing.  

Outside of the summer months, the ferry crossings reduce, however, there are weekly crossings to Milos from Athens Piraeus. 

Summer 2023 Schedule – Athens – Milos

Ferry OperatorCrossing TimeFrequency**Ferry TimePrice
Anemos – Aegean Sea Lines7 HoursMWFS08.10 – 15.10€39
Speedrunner Jet*2 Hours 40 MinutesMTWTFSS09.00 – 11.40€74.70
Champion Jet 2* 3 Hours 25 MinutesMTWTFSS07.40 – 11.05
15.50 – 19.15
Dionisios Solomos6 Hours 50 MinutesM22.30 – 5.20€48

* Fast Ferry


Naxos to Milos Ferry

There are usually 3 ferry operators and lines that operate a service between Naxos and Milos. Seajet 2, Blue Star Lines Artemis & Superjet.

Blue Star Line Artemis usually operates this route once per week, however as of writing in early April 2024 there was no sign of its schedule appearing online.

There are daily crossings during the summer months. There are also stops in several of the other lines, depending on the ferry itinerary. 

Ferry OperatorCrossing TimeFrequency**Ferry TimePrice
SeaJet 22 Hours 15 MinutesMTWTFSS17.30 – 19.45€92.70

Can you fly to Milos?

Yes, you can fly to Milos Island National Airport from Athens International Airport. There are a number of flights to Milos throughout the high season that departs from the itty-bitty small airport. The airport is 5km from the Adamas Port.

Milos Airport is really small. It has one small waiting area with 2 or 3 check in desks. And once you go through security you are in a very small waiting area. There is a small store in the ‘main’ terminal selling snacks and drinks, and a few local car rental agencies.

At the time of writing, there are no current plans for the island of Milos to operate International flights, as the runway is too short for larger commercial airlines. 

There are two flight operators that fly to the island of Milos from Athens. Olympic Air and Sky Express operate a daily route, with higher frequency during the summer months.

Flight time is 40 minutes and the planes are smaller, so if propeller aeroplanes make you nervous, make sure to check the aircraft specifications before booking. 

Are there flights from Santorini to Milos?

There are no inter-island flights between Santorini and Milos. In order to fly from Santorini, you will need to connect to Athens International Airport and time your flights. In reality, it will be much quicker to take the fast ferry from Santorini to Milos rather than flying.

How to get around Milos Greece

If arriving from the airport you can either get a taxi to your accommodation on the island or rent a vehicle from the rental agencies at the airport. There are limited taxis available on Milos, so you may have to wait. 

Milos Bus Time Table

There is also a bus service around the island, with buses departing from the Adamas to other popular parts of the island. Bus tickets are cheap.

Milos Bus Timetable

Car Rental Milos Greece

Renting your own vehicle, car or scooter is a great idea for getting around the island of Milos. There are lots of beaches that require a vehicle to get to, and rental options are relatively cheap on the island.

Your accommodation can usually provide you with local companies that can deliver scooters, ATVs and cars to your hotel. If you want to hire your car in advance and get the best rate, consider car hire with RentalCars for the best rates and availability.

Some of these may be affiliate links, which means when you buy something I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you, and it really helps to support me – so thank you!

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